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You may have wanted to attend the recent live Archer Review. But your busy schedule probably did not permit it. Archer Review receives several e-mails each month to do additional CCS Workshop sessions as well as Rapid Reviews because of these scheduling concerns. But because of the limited availability of teaching physicians, we are currently able to do only one live CCS Workshop per month and one live three day rapid review in 3 months. Hence, we have introduced the Pay-Per-View system so that you can access them at your own convenience. These recordings are exactly similar to the live webinar review in that you can see the powerpoint presentation running on your desktop screen while you also listen to the instructor's audio. These reviews will be be automatically updated whenever Archer updates it's reviews with the new guidelines and new concepts.

Archer USMLE Step 3 Review

Archer USMLE Step 3 Review covers all highyield topics on USMLE Step 3 with detailed explainations.

Pay-Per-View - FAQ

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For all questions and concerns, click the FAQ link above. For access to the lectures, please click on the links on your right hand side to view them. Once the registration page opens, you will need to register for the first time by choosing a username and password. You will be then taken to the "access content" page where you can purchase the desired item and you will immediately get access to that item. Please provide a valid e-mail address on the registration page so that you can retrieve your password in case you forgot at a later date.

Archer Step 3 Full length Review :
When you purchase the entire review, you will be provided with 50 hour watch time to watch these 36 hour lectures at your own convenience i.e; you will almost get to view this lectures twice. Your access will expire 2 months after you sign up. Once you sign up, you can log in at your own convenience and watch the topics that you like. Your total watch time will be at least 14 hours more than the length of the rapid review

When you purchase the pay-per-view for the entire course, you will also be sent Archer Step 3 high-yield Review notes in a powerpoint format free of cost. You are welcome to send us e-mails on various questions you might have on the subjects and we will try to answer your doubts in 72 hours.


Archer Step 3 Question Bank  : 1000 high-yield, USMLE Step 3, concept-based questions -  At this time, 250 of these questions are available free of cost in our blog which can be used for practice along with the full length video review. Most of these concepts are discussed in Archer full length review. A seperate full question bank with explanations and answers will soon be available. 

Topic lectures :
When you purchase a particular topic, you will be provided with a certain watch time that is at least one hour more than the length of the lecture. The access to each topic will expire after 14 days of purchase. You can use that watch time at your convenience in this 14 day span to access the lecture.

For example, the length of Preventive Medicine lecture is 2hrs15 minutes. You will be provided with 3hr30minutes watch time for this lecture. You can watch this during any time with in 14 days of purchase. When you watched the video to certain extent and have decided to stop watching that day, the remaining unused watch time will be stored in your account and will be available for you for the next log in. You may wish to watch from the beginning again or start from where you left off 


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Archer Pay-Per-View now makes it possible for you to access these streaming video lectures at your own convenient time. 

Click on the items to see the descriptions of the contents in the item and to access the streamimg Video/Audio file

Archer Full Length CCS Workshops - $88           (Updated New- JANUARY 2018 file! Includes all recent USMLE Step 3 CCS changes, strategies demonstrated on the latest Step 3 exam software) :- Streaming videos which are recordings of our four full-length live CCS Workshops and one three hour highyield session. It includes a 2hrs45mins of Archer CCS strategies clip, a 5hr latest CCS Workshop file, other CCS workshop files incorporating new USMLE Step 3CCS software/ case format changes plus two highly-rated CCS Workshops from previous years that has many high-yield CCS cases - total 35 hours in length. Most Preferred CCS option by our students

Validity of access: for one month from the date of purchase. Play time: 40 hours; Length of clips : 35 hrsThese are MP4 video files fully compatible with MAC and Windows PC. There is no need for special software or Codecs. 

Archer Theory Review - Full Length - 36hrs - $245
Includes 36 hours of very high-yield lectures for USMLE Step 3 i.e; this is a package of all the individual topics that are listed below. This also includes Archer lecture notes. This does not include CCS. The lectures have been rated as "highly beneficial" by most subscribers in post-lecture surveys and have resulted in high pass rates. The "Full Length" option is a less expensive option when compared to purchasing all the individual topic reviews. Validity of access: for two months from the date of purchase. Play time: 50 hours. If you wish to watch the samples, please contact us. This option comes with Archer Lecture notes in PPT format free of cost. These MP4 files are fully compatible with both MAC and Windows PC.  This is the Most Preferred Theory option by our students. 

All of these can be accessed now on our new website at - along with PPT notes. 


Archer CCS Strategies - 2hrs45mins $70
First three hour lecture on CCS strategies only. The live practice is not recorded in this video. If you would like to view recent CCS changes and HighYield CCS workshops, it is recommended that you choose the "Full Length CCS Workshops".

Archer CCS Live Webinar $97 : To schedule Live webinar please visit Schedules 

Individual Topic Lectures : 

Cardiology - 4hrs30mins - $40

Nephrology/ Electrolytes/ Acid-Base - 3hrs $35

Pulmonology/ Ventilators - 2hrs30mins $30

Endocrinology - 3hrs $30

Gastronterology - 2hrs45mins $30

Infectious Diseases - 2hrs45mins $30

Rheumatology-SportsMed-Ortho - 2hrs15mins $25

Preventive Medicine - 2hr30mins - $25

Neurology - 1hr30mins $20

Hematology - 2hrs30mins - $25

Oncology/ Cancer Screening - 1hr30mins $25

Gynecology - 2hrs $25

Dermatology - 1hr - $20

Psychiatry - 1hr30mins $20

Pediatrics - 2hrs $25

Ethics - 1hr15mins $20

When you purchase a topic, you will also be e-mailed the relevant Archer Notes in powerpoint format.

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