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"Online Live Courses For USMLE 3 And Step 3 CCS"
Interactive Live online Workshop

With our years of experience we have learned that many of our past students lacked simple strategies on CCS tasks – follow ups, interval history, moving patients, efficient use of simulated case time and essential initial orders. These live CCS workshops are designed to strengthen your approach. These time-tested strategies as well as practice sessions have worked out wonders for our previous students. They certainly will work for you too!

Our CCS interactive, online demonstration and practice sessions are organized on every alternate Saturday or Sunday for a very nominal price of $97. We use online live net meetings to organize these workshops via. Webinar conferencing. You need not leave your home. You can sit at your home and participate in the workshop. The initial part of the workshop will include a live lecture and a demonstration session for 2 to 3 hours. You will then get to practice under supervision. This unique technology will give you an opportunity to work on our desktop screen so that we and all the particpants in the workshop can watch you as you practice a case. We analyze your mistakes and give you immediate feedback on what needs to be improved. You will also watch and learn as other students practice different cases. In this way, almost 12 to 15 cases are practiced during a single session. Each person will get 25 minutes to practice a case. So, depending on the number of students in the class, the duration of a typical session may vary from eight hours to twelve hours. You will be provided with some break time in between. The reason for this lengthy session is to provide you in-depth knowledge and thorough practice so that you will never have to practice CCS again. Each web meeting is usually confined to 40 students only and slots fill up very quick.We need advance registration at least two days prior to the planned session.

Each Session includes :
  1. CCS Strategies - a lecture for 2 hours
  2. Recognizing unstable vitals :
    - Lecture on shock and respiratory failure -1 hr.
    - Lecture on Criteria for admission to ward or ICU - 30 minutes
  3. Live demonstration of CCS cases - 2 hours
  4. Common mistakes committed by the examinees and preventing them
  5. Tips to score extremely high on CCS
  6. Follow-ups of office and ER cases
  7. Efficient use of time, doing more stuff without advancing the clock
  8. Avoiding invasive tests
  9. Basic set of orders for emergency cases
  10. The 5-minute screen - adding/ disconinuing the orders that can matter - do's and don'ts
  11. Obtaing consults and their appropriateness
  12. Differential diagnosis for common ER and office presentations and easy tips to get the most out of few orders.
  13. Working on efficiency
  14. How to schedule follow up tests at a "Later" date.
  15. You will then have 25 minutes live practice of one surprise CCS case online and will receive guidance and prompt feedback on your weaknesses and strengths!!! - We will analyze you live and correct you immediately as you practice the case. - 25 mins x 12 to 15 cases = 6 to 8 hours.

Sample CCS Workshop


Online CCS Workshop Demonstration

If you wish to view this video in a full screen, please right click on the video and select "full screen" or "zoom". This lecture constitutes first three hours of the workshop. There after, live practice of CCS cases will follow for next 9 hours.The CCS strategies slides here shows only few PPT slides with out audio. For access to live lecture and live case practice, please sign up for our next CCS Workshop on the "checkout" page



$88 for USMLE Step 3 CCS - Pay-Per-View Videos (most preferred CCS option)

$97 for the USMLE STEP 3 CCS workshop Live.

$245 for Archer 36 hour Theory Video Lectures - Pay-Per-View ( most preferred theory option)

$699 for Archer 3-day Step3 Live Rapid Review.

For the course fees for live lectures and to pay, please visit "schedules" page.
Please e-mail with any questions and to register. You will be e-mailed payment instuctions as well as a Webinar invitation to join our workshop. Send us a request date for the workshop ( Usually third Sunday of each month is the Workshop day). We recommend registration at least one week in advance because the slots are usually filled up completely. Please check "schedules" webpage for the number of slots currently available.

USMLE Step 3 Live Online Review
Back with popular demand!

For about three years we have delivered full-length 40 hour review courses for Step3 which have a reputation of achieving 100% pass rate. However, these review courses were delivered one-on-one only and as a result, were very expensive and reached only very few people.

We have launched live group lectures in July 2008 that have resulted in a very affordable price and extremely superior scores. There are three options:

The First option is a three day rapid fire review (26hrs) on very high-yield topics/questions on step-3 and passing strategies - done once in 2 months. This is extremey high-yield, you will be provided with our high-yield review notes and all your questions after the two day review will still be answered via. e-mail. Another advantage is that its very affordable for the material you receive and the high-yield topics you are taught - $699 for everything. For our next rapid fire session, check the "Program Schedule" . However, the most preferred option by most of our customers are PAY-PER-VIEW online videos from our recent rapid reviews - 36 hour long video lectures with two months access for much less price of $245 . You have the advantage of watching these streaming lectures at your home at your own convenience. 

The Second option is Topic reviews. You can sign-up for individual topics at $70 per topic. The topics that are currently available for such topic-wise review are Cardiology, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine ( along with Ventilator concepts), Hematology and Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Psychiatry and Pediatrics ( High-yield).

The Third option is personal tutoring i.e; one on one only at $150 per hour for personalized strategies and tutoring, $5500 for 40 hour full length review by Dr.Red . This includes all the topics that are listed in Pay-Per-View but with devoted personal attention to you. 

Please e-mail for further details and to check the avialability of these courses. Sign Up

Nephrology Sample Video :

The above samples are the recordings of our previous USMLE Step 3 Live Review webinars. More samples can be viewed at our Slideshare channel below and on Facebook 
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