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What is Pay-Per-View?
Pay-Per-View system allows you to access the streaming video lectures online at your convenience and watch them at your home on your own desktop. You may purchase the full length course or topic-wise access.

How does Archer Review compare with other USMLE Step 3 Reviews in the market?
  1. Archer review is the most affordable and most comprehensive, concept-oriented USMLE Step 3 Review. As per our attendees, Archer is the best available review for USMLE Step 3. Our customer satisfaction surveys have proved this fact time and again.
  2. Archer is the least expensive USMLE Step 3 review in the market. Archer full length review is priced at $245 which is less than 1/4th the cost of many other reviews.
  3. With in just 3 years of inception, Archer has reached more than 15000 physicians. This huge success speaks of Archer's popularity and high rates of customer satisfaction.
  4. Archer review shares more than just a commercial relationship with the students. Archer takes personal interest in helping students to reach their goal. Most of our students consider Archer as a great mentor as well as a well-wisher. Hence, several of them joined our social media groups and have remained friends for long. Archer's social groups include those on Twitter , LinkedIn and the Facebook. We encourage you to obtain a candid direct feedback from Archer's previous attendees by joining "Archer Facebook group" . A huge number of 102,000 medical students/ residents/ physicians follow our page. Several high-yield questions are posted by our physicians on Archer Facebook wall almost daily and these serve as unique free teaching tools to our customers. Also, you can post your subject related queries on Archer's FaceBook wall where you can get answers to your queries directly from our experienced physicians.
What lectures for USMLE Step 3 do you currently offer via. Pay-Per-View?
The lectures that are currently available via. Pay-Per-View are
  1. Archer Full length ( 36 hours) USMLE Step 3 Review Course. - Very affordable at $245 and includes all the video lectures giving you access to watch the review more than once.
  2. Archer USMLE 3 Topic-Wise Lectures ( Hematology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology/Acid-base/Electrolytes, Pulmonology/Ventilators, Infectious diseases, Endocrinology, Neurology, Ethics, Rheumatology/ orthopedics/ sports medicine, Oncology, Preventive medicine, Psychiatry, Gynecology, Pediatrics and Dermatology )
  3. Archer CCS Workshop - Our most recent CCS Workshops will be available as streaming video sessions. These are recorded videos of our most recent live CCS Workshop webinar.
  4. Lectures for USMLE Step2 CK will be available very soon.

I really want to attend your CCS Workshop but the date you have on your website does not suit my schedule. Can you provide it as Pay-Per-View?
Archer CCS Workshop is an interactive workshop for USMLE Step 3 CCS and involves live practice. It is recommended that you attend the live session if you can. If the date does not suit you, you may always access our most recent 12 hour live CCS Workshop session in the form of streaming video via. Pay-Per-View. CCS-Pay-per-View ha stwo options - Rapid Prep ( gives you access to two of our most recent CCS Workshops) and Intensive Prep ( gives you access to 8 of our most recent CCS Workshops covering about 60 CCS cases)

What are these Video Lectures? Are they similar to your live reviews?
These streaming video lectures are the recordings of our live webinar sessions. These are exactly similar to our live review in that you can see both the powerpoint presentation ( a capture of the instructor's desktop screen) as well as listen to the audio in conjunction with the powerpoint presentation. This eliminates the need for looking at a hand out or notes while listening to the lecture as you can directly see the powerpoint running on your screen.

Are we provided with any hand-outs or lecture notes?
Yes, you will be provided with relevant Archer USMLE Step 3 notes by e-mail once you purchase the streaming video for a particular topic or for the entire review.

Is Pay-Per-View more expensive than live review?
At this time, the cost of live review as well as Pay-Per-View is similar.

What are the benefits of Pay-Per-View over the Live review?
Live review needs to be attended at a designated time. Pay-per-view can be watched at your convenience. In Pay-Per-View, you can pause and listen to a particular portion again. You can also listen to the same lecture almost one and half times with the "watch time" that we currently provide.

What are the limitations of Pay-Per-View when compared to Live Review?
During the live review, you can directly ask questions and talk with the instructor. There is no such possibility via. Pay-Per-View. However, you may send us questions by e-mail and our instructor will try and answer them in about 3 days.

What is "Watch Time"?
Watch time is the amount time you are provided to watch the lecture. You are approximately provided with a watch time that is 50% greater than the length of the review. This allows to rewind and replay certain portions of the lecture if you wish. Watch time will not expire when you exit the lecture. Any unused watch time will be stored in your account and you can use it on an other day. When you resume the lecture, make sure to forward the player to the point where you left off. You can also replay the previous session as long as you have sufficient watch time in your account. For each lecture, you will be provided with the duration of the lecture and the "Watch time" when you begin. Pausing the lecture does not count in watch time. You can log off and log in whenever you want. 

Will the "Watch time" ever expire? 
The Watch time for the full Archer Theory Review course will expire if unused in "Two months" of purchasing a full length course. The Watch time for the Full length CCS Workshops will expire in one month after the date of purchase. The "Watch time" will expire if unused in "two weeks" after subscribing to a "Topic Review". However, if you have special requirements, you can request us to extend the expiry date.

Do I need any special system requirements to play these?
These are MP4 files and are fully compatible with both MAC and Windows PC. No special software or Codec is needed. Once you log in to your account, please click on "access content" button and the video opens up. To view in full screen , choose full screen option on your player. To rewind and fast forward, minimize the window and use the appropriate buttons on your player to move backwards or forwards .

How about the Internet connection requirements?
Dial-Up connections are fine but broad band connection is preferred for uninterrupted access. 

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