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"It may seem funny but the greatest things appear from nothing and as if they wait for their day"
- Archer Reviews

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.
- Henry Ford

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.
- Thomas Edison

Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.
- Malcolm Forbes

Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. Courage is what counts.
- Sir Winston

Believe in yourself, do not lose hope, trust the expert and give us an opportunity to guide you towards success!

Our Achievement lies in your Success!!

- CCS Workshop


About Us and Our Step3 Research

We are a group of physicians that have been in to online USMLE Step3 tutoring for past four years. We started our Online step3 review courses in 2005 and now, we are proud to announce that we have achieved a 99% pass rate over the last three years. We are now hiring expert teaching consultants from different countries to teach these reviews. After each session, we send out surveys to our attendees to see if our teaching physician has met their expectations. Our tutorials can be accessed globally and we have made a difference to several students preparing for USMLE in different countries. Most of our students were residents who had prior multiple attempts on step3 despite taking multiple review courses on the market, those who graduated but never got a license to practice due to inability to pass step3, those who gave up hope and those who were psychologically battered by repeated failures on this exam. That is where we stepped in, gave their morale a boost and showed them a unique strategy to pass this exam.

We place a whole-hearted personal focus on each and everyone of our students - which could have possibly seperated us from other review courses on the market in the way we guided our students towards success!

Our unique teaching strategies have resulted in 99% pass rate for all those trainees with prior multiple attempts. After these three successful years as we analyzed our teaching strategy, we consistently found a significant improvement in the CCS portion of all our test taker's score reports ( when compared to their previous reports). We then requested our trainees to forward their score reports and did a retrospective analysis which revealed:

- 75% had an excellent performance on the CCS with only a borderline level performance on the MCQs
- 25% did moderately well on CCS and also moderately well on MCQs
- those with very borderline to poor performance on the CCS have failed irrespective of their performance on the MCQs

For most students with multiple attempts, score performance bars did not change much anywhere except in the CCS section. Yet, all of them passed!! This was especially true for people who previously failed with 70th percentile scores and above. This may suggest that if you are below 70th percentile in your previous attempts, you may need to brush your MCQ concepts too. But if you failed with an above 70% score, you need to check your score report to see if there is a scope for improvement in your CCS performance. That is where you can get the best results with the least effort!

In fact, doing extremely well on CCS with only a borderline performance on MCQs is sufficient to pass Step3! And this is achievable and much easier than achieving an above average performance on the MCQs.

Let us consider few logical points here to prove this fact again.

1. We always insist our students take NBME simulation test before the real step3 exam to see where they stand on the MCQ portion of the test. NBME does not have a CCS portion. If you consider NBME score (compare Step2), an above 400 (three digit) correlates with passing performance on Step3. However, since NBME does not include CCS, we have had a wide range of NBME scores that correlated with a PASS on the USMLE step3. This could be anywhere between 300 to 500. One of our students had a 310 – 3 digit score on NBME,a week prior to his real test. Yet, he passed with a 77% - his score report showed an extreme rightward bar (excellent) on CCS. (His MCQ performance correlated with that on NBME)

2. Recognize that CCS constitutes only 25% where as MCQs 75% of Step3 - that is 9 CCS cases and 480 MCQs. However, realize that each CCS constitutes 3% of your total score. Most examinees cannot answer more than 60% MCQs correctly. If you lose one CCS you lose 3% of your total score. In that case you need compensate this by correctly answering at least 15 MCQs ( i.e; 480 x 3% =14 MCQs) - this translates in to, roughly 2MCQs extra on each block. If you lose 2 to 3 CCS, the passing chances are dismal ( losing 2 CCS or borderline performance on CCS will require you to answer extra 4 to 6 MCQs correctly on each block i.e; for an examinee who scored 60% on his practice tests like Usmleworld, losing 2 CCS cases translates in to a requirement of 70% performance on MCQs to pass this test) - this is where it gets extremely difficult. This is why most people fail despite studying the theory time and again. This is why most people who score around 70 to 75% on popular practice Q banks like Kaplan and USMLEWORLD may still fail the exam!!!

- Do not neglect CCS. Doing extremely well on CCS is achievable and rewarding. Extreme rightward performance on CCS on your score report has always led to passing scores.
- Poor/ borderline performance on CCS requires excellent/ very good performance on MCQs in order to pass the test - this is very difficult to achieve!!

With this in mind, we launched this interactive online CCS workshop ( launched : JUNE 2008) where we can reach several trainees all over the world at once and teach them this crucial CCS approach for passing Step3. 

Today, Archer or Dr.Red CCS Workshop and Streaming lectures reach about 10,000 medical graduates each year and have established a proven track record in achieving very high success rates on this exam. 

Give us an opportunity to lead you towards success - because we have gathered significant expertise in doing so over the past five years!

Kind regards,
CCS Workshop Team.
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